Exhibition: Sympathetic Visage

25 Feb 2019 – 03 Mar 2019

Private View: 17:00 27 Feb 2019

31-33 Church Street





“Sixth in lunar calendar, Awakening from Hibernation,someone comes to me for a drink as usual every year. ”———“Ashes of Time”

Anakatesthesia, blankness, helplessness….. seems become common topics for all young people firstly involving into the society. Friends come and go, those knowledges which used to absolutely trust are taken over….What is love? What is rule? What we are holding so tightly? Families whom we leave with all softness getting aged, righteous ardor cools down. The giant monster leviathan swallows all  passions. Edges and corners are smoothed.

Undeniable, we are a part of the society, uncountable young people like us having numerous difficulties…whom dare to speak out or not…we may getting age someday,  perhaps telling next generation how to survive in the society based on pragmatism like predecessors. What to lost, what to gain..become somebody which somebody wishes us to be. However we may never back to the past, back to February 2019.

All water in Atlentic ocean can’t wash out our fear. We inquiring carefully, don’t dare to speak everything out directly. Perhaps it’s an aria for those young artists with common East-Asia background, which shares an appeasement social curriculum in West-Europe, in the lunar festival of Awakening from Hibernation.

So many illusions, wish and only wish your smile. Hopefully never regret after this drink.

Lunatics Voyage


Dafu Yan

Reflects the thinking of the obscure boundary of the madness and the rationality from Michelle Foucault through arranging a strange Voyage. Foucault believes there is the ambiguous boundary between the rationality and madness. The rational world scared madness, refused lunatics, moreover marginalize and lock up lunatics. The Fool of ship and the Tower of madness turned into a symbol of how the rational world tread to the mad world. However, it is ironic that what the rationality tread to madness formed a new kind of madness. In Foucault’s understanding, the rationality exchanged to the madness. Therefore, which one is the rationality? which one is the madness? Or they are the identical concept on the different presentations? The story is about a trip that as a boundary which is used to distinguish the madness and rationality. Lunatics or madmen who be exiled than be adopted are types of sign of marginalization. They can really touch the boundary of rationality.


Ready-made sculpture

Weiye Wang

The relationship between people and time or memories is what Im always thinking during my art creating. Facing the vast subject, I tried to use a straightforward way to play the game with it just like this special name card. In this work, name cards provide an opportunity to create a relationship between not only the audience and artist but also between now and the future.The chemical reaction about this work needs the catalyzing from time.When you look at this card in the 2028, this name card might provide more emotion than now.


Installation, Performance

Weiye Wang

1/2 PHOTO can be regarded as the continuation of my previous work Namecard. The power of time, the dream, the memories and the relationship between two people, I want to show them all together in my own view. The whole process in this photographic installation and performance is strange but logical, solemn but comic. The end of the performance with audience is just a beginning of the story, and I need time to take charge the rest. What kind of result could the broken photos came from a special experience bring to the audience after the show is the main question I try to figure out. I am not trying to express any of my opinion, I just want to create a surreal situation for people to have a special dream in the real life.

Cutting off meaningless

Video, Performance

Yuchun Feng

It’s an experiment about all doubts in “Why living?” Rumors, bias, oral violence, disappointments… Life is a quagmire, all emotions rotting there…psychologist tells us  to live for ourselves- strong inner world is where our energies and confidences come from..but is our inner world solid and stable enough to convince ourselves? We are living to be better people in the future or enjoying this moment. Then that’s the point we are whom we are, here in this moment?

To approve what is really important, I’ll throw away everything one by one.. passport means I may never go abroad again, identity card means the government may never admit my citizenship, photos in the laptop represent all my memories in the past…once loved, hated, ever done, been there….Does fortune, fame, identity, background, memories really absolutely necessary for us, or for us living for the future?

I don’t dare to answer.

Talk to me

Video, Installation

Zheyi Zhou

Everyone is absolutely lonely for a while.

Eager to get a little bit of a response.

The appearance of those small movements.

To fill the emptiness inside.

Everything in this world are all living things?

The answer is yes to me.

Self-protection or self-closure

Mixed material

Qianyu Yan

Some ubiquitous objects in life can often be used to reflect the inevitable emotional problems of some people in today’s society. Despite the increasingly advanced technology, personal security and privacy security is still a concern of everyone. People will use different ways to protect their personal safety and privacy security, but, if people’s self-protection is too excessive, too afraid of contact with the outside world, it will develop into self-closure. The lock, the object, is not only used to prevent the invasion of external factors, but also to protect the privacy of the leakage. The artist uses different materials to make sculptures of different types of locks, reflecting this problem with the help of an object that everyone can touch.


Sound based installation

Bihao Li

Different sounds fill the whole world, and in the same way, different people will have different associations when they receive different sounds. At this time, sound becomes a symbol, which awakens the internal reactions of different individuals. In this work, I hope audiences can record the voices from their body through my work, which make this ‘temporary voice’ become part of this random song. In other words, the audience can be defined as a ‘rhythmless composer’, presenting the ‘uncontrollable’ notes from different organs.



Zuwei Yang

The original idea came from East Asian’s ritual called Zhuazhou, parents put various objects before a 1-year-old child to see which he/she would catch in order to forecast future. However, most parents in East Asian are tending to guide their children too carefully and giving them high expectation (at least in only-child generation).

As I consider, destiny is unexpected and could easily change into frustrating facts no matter how people hope. I selected a series of items and piled them up, they are things my parents afraid me to touch, but some I already learned and some may just wait for me. All things here are as if a private but horrible nightmare I experienced, an evil guiding that nobody wishes.

When she died


Jingxiang Liang


08:02 Mom: Grandma had a stroke this morning. The hospital said she was hopeless. We took her home.

08:37 Me: Send me 3000 RMB to buy the ticket.

09:07 Mom: OK.

09:26 Me: I have bought a plane ticket to Guangzhou which will take off tonight and arrive tomorrow evening.

10:08 Mom: Take your time, don’t worry.

10:15 Mom: The doctor said that grandma could last till about noon today

10:16 Me: There’s no faster ticket. I’ve done it as soon as possible

10:24 Mom: It’s OK.

17:19 Mom: Pay attention to safe. Grandma has gone to the western pure land.


19:58 Me: I’m calling back.

22:13  Grandma, so sorry I’m late.



Zhankun Dai

This work is focusing on people’s expression when reading their DNA results. What do you want to get from the DNA test? Race or race?

Makeup War

Video Game

Han Xia

Makeup War is a multimedia work that includes a two-player 2D platform shooting game and a promotion competition based on the rules of the game. Twelve players will win beauty awards through the competition.

This work is based on the behavior of women as a clue to explore and reproduce the social pressures faced by modern women in a consumerist environment. The beauty industry has packaged women into a fine candy that will attract more quality resources by making them more beautiful and increasing their competitiveness. In the long process of human evolution, the beauty that instinct feels is often directly related to health and fertility. Under the instinctive role, beautiful as a capital can quickly obtain social resources, thus reaching the upper level of the “food chain.” However, the vast majority of cravings for beauty are concentrated in the female group. This seems to point to the promotion of gender equality today. Women still cannot rely on their abilities to obtain resources and conditions that are relatively equal to men.

Object painting

Painting, Installation

Teyu Liang

What I am exploring now is about extendibility and possibility of painting media: besides discussing the possibility of the extendibility of art making, I made many different attempts in media, just like extending this subconscious form from random color blocks on a palette and then changing this form into pen strokes while seeking colors in images, and combining this concept into so-called dynamic painting. I applied this concept to the object, for example, how to see the object as a single color and how to cast off original implications from the object and change it into a pigment for creation. Meanwhile, in the process of art making, after casting off meaning from the object and seeing it as a single hue, I integrated the object with long-established concept of painting and exceedingly perceptual composition model, and then offered a platform to allow viewers to view the variability of object form in this composition.