Exhibition: Nostalgia

14 Mar – 15 Mar 2019

The Cookhouse Gallery

Chelsea College of Arts

16 John Islip, SW1P 4JU

Talk to me, 2019

Video installation

Everyone is absolutely lonely for a while. Eager to get a little bit of a response. The appearance of those small movements. To fill the emptiness inside. Everything in this world are living thins? The answer is yes to me.

1/2 PHOTO, 2019

Installation, performance

Weiye Wang

 The power of time, the dream, the memories and the relationship between two people, I try to show them all together in my own view. The whole process in this photographic installation and performance is strange but logical, solemn but comic. The end of the performance with the audience is just the beginning of the story, and I need time to take charge of the rest. What kind of result could the broken photos came from a special experience bring to the audience after the show is the main question I try to figure out. I am not trying to express any of my opinions, I just want to create a surreal situation for people to have a special dream in real life.

Nni bu Ogwu collection, 2019

Mixed media


Exploring pre-mid-post colonial diet of the lgbo Nigerian region & African diaspora.

Nostalgia, 2019

Light up box, mirror

Weiye Wang

Reflection from the mirror is the message from the other universe. Smoking in the room is against the law in the United Kingdom that’s the point about the title Nostalgia. However, smoking itself is not the only important message sent from the other side; the city which allows people to burn inside is not the only important spot I miss either.

Untitled series, 2019

Mixed media

Benny Buckle

Buckle’s work looks at the nostalgia of painting (and drawing). He has a painting practice that runs concurrently with other practices that maybe considered to be more conceptual and contemporary – however he continues to have a passion for this medium. This affinity could be considered a comment on art critique.

Loops, 2019

Oil on canvas

Joon Shin

Utopia has been existing since prehistoric time. And not only the idea of utopia exists but also the applications of it’s idea does. Even though the belief that the link between idea and the applications should be consistent, knowledgeable and and anticipated, almost of all attempts to realize it have been frustrated. Because there is discrepancy among thought, words and words during communication. This discrepancy is attributed to the limitation of language function (to classify time, space and what is acceptable of worthful and so on but language cannot classify everything exactly because there are myriad continues of everything) and each individual has different back grounds (gender, social class, religion etc.) Furthermore, the same words can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context. It really seems like people cannot help the unconscious change about utopia’s original idea. This phenomenon can generate the different worth and symbol from the utopia in the first thought after a lot of application attempts; trial and error and time.

This idea is expressed with several patterns(loops) which extend and retrieve the original idea of utopia but are only partially successful. And these repetitive patterns are extended with pinball devices. This process contributes to different result which can be seen as chaos. In this painting, the starting point is the typical utopia in history (on the center, there is a symbol of ideal world and the space is symmetrical) but it transforms into baseball stadium, irrelevant of the first idea.

99, 2019

Mixed media Installation

Georgia Kapralou

I am interested in exploring dis-functionalities of pleasure through gender and the erotic.

Balancing on a variety of media, from performance to installation, I create new imageries of hyperboles, negotiating erotic and aesthetic satisfaction or not.

1/1, 2019

Acrylic board, handwritten text

Yaoyao Yu

Generally speaking, a work description is a concisely informative answer that the audience is seeking. But when the work itself is about questioning whether our perception of certain things can be restored and retold, the situation becomes more complicated…

The artist measured the smallest circles of someone’s body when she was in love. Later she lost that person. She recalled a famous philosophical statement: “Man is the measure of all things”. So she decided to make a template to record and convey a particular size of absence.

However, she soon realised that templates are designed to locate, measure and quantity a universal fact, not the unique intangible. Thus, this template loses its function. What she created was a contradiction.

No wonder she failed. She never learned that statement completely. The die was cast though; this infographic object is still one of the best things she can do for the intangible. That is, to allow them to go through from its own emptiness. At this point, maybe you can call it a love letter.

Death Deadline, 2019

Video, installation

Zhengyi Zhang

Population aging is the most typical social problem in Asia.This work focuses on the aging of the population and shows a cruel possibility in the future by means of hypothetical techniques. The government enacted mandatory legislation which is the death deadline.  From you were born, The death deadline will accompany your life.

Objects, 2019

Paper, acrylic paint

Qianyu Yan

Artists use the simplest paper to create works, to restore the appearance and texture of some objects. The works are extremely similar to the objects themselves. However,  these works only have the similar appearances with the objects , without the actual function. The artist wants to express a false sense of reality in life.