Under Construction


This is an art group of ten students working in a cross-media studio, and I am primarily responsible for the public art project.  We found a large dilapidated building around the school, trying to get into the building targeted to create works of art that eventually became a complete joint project.

There are many buildings stopping construction in various cities due to various problems in a rapidly developing Chinese city. This is a common social problem. We want to go out of our classrooms to explore new ways. This project from the initial site selection, site negotiation to discuss the program, work coordination, crowdfunding of funds, the implementation of the final presentation took six months, ten members have paid a lot of hard work.

The building is located between the University City subway station and shopping center, due to the conflict of interest between both sides led to the construction stopped. The building is right next to our school so the building has drawn our attention for a few years at school.

 When decided to choose the building as the object of the project and the site, how to obtain the right to use the site became the most difficult problem at that time, the reason for itself involves the interests of both sides so it took a lot of time and energy in the negotiations with the heads of the two sides, fortunately, after various ways of communication and struggle, we finally got the right to use the space within a week. It also allows us to be prepared to do everything we can before we get in.

 After discussion, we got a complete set of creative way: before the program creation, each of our members will go into the rotten poop site for three days of in-depth investigation, the location of the building, environment, materials, social background, and so on. Then, according to each member’s creation of ten different works of art for their own different feelings and understanding of the place, finally concatenate them and eventually display the final works in the mess.

After the survey, we summarized each member ‘s plan and compiled a complete set of project logic.  In general, the project’s form of expression is presented by the dramatic decoration, we from our own subjective feelings for the building triggered by the way of reproduction, reproduction to create a dramatic business place.  Create a dramatic atmosphere by intervening, recording, and experiencing three different directions and add behavioral performance to it.

The project scheme uses the ” sense of absence” from this particular environment to add to the artist ‘s work of art to make up for it, including commercial items, sounds, human activities, etc.

This experimental course has already changed from a single comprehensive material course to an exploration of the relationship between art and society. The final product is just a part of the whole process, we would like to see is that we are actively exploring the direction of artistic intervention in society, from site inspection, the study of social relations to later conflicts with the interests of the society, and negotiate with them, this a complete exploration process is the result of what we want, rather than the work itself.

If what our group began by talking about is how we played a role in transforming the useless “existence” in abandoned lifestyles. By describing it more carefully, we came up with a question mark about how we are trying to get out of the dilemma of social self-deception.

A large number of uncompleted flats appear, not only related to the waste of social resources, supply and demand dislocation and other issues. Deep down, hidden behind the game of power, competition for benefits, loss of control of consumption is the root cause of its problems. In the contemporary art creation, with the problem consciousness of in-depth thinking and theme grasp, make art to life, to reality more sociological aesthetic. At the same time, how to apply the experimental methods to a wide range of artistic practices and to form new narratives and logic has become an unavoidable choice for the production of contemporary art. It can be seen from this that taking the construction of the uncompleted flats as a reference to the site and the physical activity of the site will surely bring about the expansion and deepening of the topics involved in the new relationship. However, it does not rule out the controversy and uncertainty brought by the extended topic of the experimental art project. It is precisely for this reason that the power of artistic production is sustained by the unknown and the anticipation.