Wang Weiye is a Chinese artist. Born in 1994, Weiye is studying MA Fine Art at the Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London after finishing a five-year BA cross-medium sculpture course in Sichuan Fine Art Institute.

The details from daily life are the source of Weiye’s installations. He is always addicted to feeling the changes which are taken by the time and environment to his relationship, memory, reaction and everything inside of him. At the same time, Weiye consciously allows time to lead the way in the second part of the reaction between pieces and the audience ( Like the work Namecard,2018 and the photos in work 1/2 PHOTO,2019) because this is what time does to people in daily life, the uncertainty, and drama.

Weiye is fascinated by dreams, so he wants every work he made could exude the smelling of dreams potentially by creating the absurd logic inside of the works: Every logic of the pieces is clear and acceptable to the audience, but the absurd in his pieces are hard to realize ( e.g., the sound of
construction in the unfinished building in work Echo,2017 and the relationship in the work THINGS DONT CHANGE,2017)

The journey from the audience to the creator let the relationship between people and work take a high position in the standards of Weiye’s consideration about his work, especially when interactive art become more common now. He tries to find a balanced environment for the audience and his pieces ( e.g., the tickets from work Time Series,2018 and the work Unconsciousness,2017) that people have the chance to receive the experience and works become completed because of the audience.

There are unreal things appear in this world every day and Wang Weiye is willing to create more.

CV/ Portfolio (PDF)